Back to School and Continuing Martial Arts Training

back_to_school_000021155839_900x675This time of the year, we get the inevitable question of “I don’t know if my child is going to continue his or her training”.  Our concern is our child is starting a new grade or my child is starting school this year and we don’t want to overwhelm them.  Myself being a parent of four children ranging from the ages of 24-15 faced these same questions.  Especially my first child or the child that struggled with school. I have also 14 years of teaching experience.

We have seen the pros and cons of martial arts training and back to school.  We have discovered that children that continue their Martial Arts training actually do better in school and transition better then ones who quit.  Students continue to work on discipline, self-control, self- confidence, respect, goal setting and most important focus. These are all attributes that students need, parents teach and teachers love!!! Maintaining a healthy schedule of work and play also does well for transitions.  Taekwondo class helps relieve stress, continues friendships and a support system and again shows them perseverance.

Please talk to your instructor and share with them your concerns.  Sometimes students may need to come to less classes during the week.  If they are normally coming three to four times or even five times a week, then maybe they should go to two times a week until they transition.  Sometimes it may require just setting up a private lesson here and there to help them keep up with their training during that transition time.  We have several things we can do to help figure out the best approach.  Please consider all options to keep your child training if possible.  Coming back into training is very difficult. They may not want to come back because they will know their friends are higher rank then them, or may feel like they no longer have the ability to keep up.  We are here to help in any way possible.